Don Crane, Chair
Erlan Calvert
Larry Rottman
Gerry Starrett
Leo Thibault
Marty Wishka
Jim Worden
Fredric Hermann
Albert Escamillia
Jeff Carlon
Scott Smith
The membersí responsibility for congregational leadership is a distinctive characteristic of the LCMS. Power is vested in votersí assemblies, generally comprised of adults of voting age. With the few exceptions of called and paid staff, Grace is a volunteer run church.

Our Voters Assembly has delegated its authority for various areas of responsibility as listed under the tab above.
Strictly speaking, the word "elder" in the Bible (Acts 14:23; I Timothy 5:17-19, Titus 1:5-9 and I Peter 5:1-4) refers to those who hold the pastoral office. What we commonly call "elders" today are laymen appointed to serve the congregation in its spiritual affairs and to assist the pastor in communicating with the congregation, including visiting, and to assist with Communion and seeing that the Pastor is aided in carrying out his call.